Bearings – Maintenance

Handling of bearings during assembly and disassembly must be performed with care. In the case of hot assemblies Gates B79 Hi-Power II Belts, the assembler must use the appropriate equipment. When changing a bearing, do not change anything that may influence the operating conditions, as bearings are calculated to operate under specific working conditions. Often, changes that involve lubricant replacement, increased speed, increased radial and axial loads are made without any prevention of possible negative effects. Bearings, because they are high precision mechanical components, require proper care to be handled, as much as high quality bearings are used, the expected behavior will not be obtained if they are not handled properly.

Dirt, even invisible to the naked eye, has a damaging effect on the bearings, so it is essential to prevent dirt from entering while keeping bearings and the surrounding area as clean as possible. The transport and improper handling of the bearings cause abrasions and crushing, which causes the failure and in extreme cases can flake and crack. Consequently, it is necessary to take the utmost care when handling.

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