Benefits and Advantages of Three Phase Induction Motor

The three-phase induction electric motor is a motor that allows machines

to reach higher power, as it can achieve higher speed than all types of motors. The improvement of power enables an improvement in production, without the need for greater expenses with electricity, since the consumption of this equipment during the precipitation is lower than that of other engines. The main advantages associated with three-phase electric motors, ignoring cost-benefit, are the ease of installation and handling, since it is an equipment whose mechanics presents simple interface to the user. In addition to the ease of control, the three-phase electric motors also have great resistance, since they are manufactured directly with the scope of promoting great durability, for this, however, the ideal care of the equipment is necessary.

A three-phase induction electric motor can make your user achieve savings with higher electric power. Another economic advantage comes from the fact that the maintenance of this motor model is cheaper and simpler and that the cost of the three phase induction electric motor becomes smaller than a direct current motor.

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