But if it’s located in a commercial area, it will attract more workers.

Italians in alpharetta
Surely you should already have a sense of who your target
audience is, be it defined by the location you plan to open the
restaurant in, or by the menu and prices.
If your restaurant is located in a residential area, your audience
will likely be mostly family.
Knowing your audience, you can also know their income range,
for example, if your audience is considered a middle to low
income group, you will not be able to put a sophisticated name
in your restaurant.
If first impressions are the only ones, lower-income customers
will never enter a restaurant where the name has words like
premium or gourmet, would you agree?
It is important to research on social networks if there are
already establishments in nearby regions with the name you
intend to name your restaurant, so as not to confuse the public
and harm the dissemination of your business.
You can search if your idea is already registered with the INPI
(National Institute of Industrial Property), the body responsible
for registering trademarks, and if everything is fine, register to
avoid plagiarism.

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