Direct starting of induction motors

Direct starting is the method of driving electric motors of alternating current, where the motor is connected directly to the electrical network, that is, it happens when we apply the nominal voltage on the windings of the motor stator, in a direct way. For the implementation of this starting system, we use a contactor as a switching device and protection devices such as fuses and overload relays or circuit breakers.

It is necessary to illustrate the main diagram, also called force or power for the direct starting system 23024 skf-bearing, and we need to energize the coil of the contactor C1 so that it can activate the main contacts of the contactor by starting the motor. For this, it is important to observe the value of the supply voltage of the coil. Normally coils are fed which are supplied with voltages with the same value of the supply network (220 Vac). Protection fuses, overload relay terminals (e4), a normally open push-button for motor startup (B1) and another NF pushbutton (normally closed) are used to switch the motor off (B0 ).

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