Eataly, the largest Italian gastronomic center

The idea is to bring together all quality Italian food under one roof. A place where you can eat,
buy and learn.
It all started in 2007, with the opening of the first Eataly in Turin, Italy. It worked so well, that
today there are 38 stores around the world, spreading the delights and traditions of Italian
In 2015, it opened the first Eataly in Latin America, in São Paulo, a place that brings together
the largest number of Italians outside Italy. Here, we bring together the best of Italian cuisine
on 4,500 m2, more than 8 thousand products, 6 restaurants, cafeterias, confectionery, ice
cream parlor, wine bar and much more.
Our compromise
Eataly is committed to offering products that respect the law and good practices at all stages
of the production chain. We carefully choose our suppliers, using and selling only cage free
eggs, that is, all the recipes and eggs sold in our store in São Paulo are cage free hens.

Eataly São Paulo reaffirms its commitment to good practices and remains attentive to cruelty-
free issues.

Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 1489 – São Paulo
Tel. +55 11 3279-3300

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