Influence of the environment

The ambient conditions where the engine will be installed influence its operation, since dust that deposits in its housing, when it absorbs moisture or particles of oil, forms a crust that will hinder the release of heat and because of this, the internal temperature of the engine will rise. One of the consequences is to increase the value for the winding resistance and decrease the efficiency of the motor. Cereal and steel processing areas are examples of environments that need to be taken care of with engine cooling, due to the presence of dust, dust and suspended particles.

The increase in temperature due to the presence of dirt on the housing also causes deterioration of the lubricant, oil or grease used in the bearing or bearing because its lubricity reduces with increasing temperature vem3709t. Humidity is one of the main causes of insulation failures. In humid environments, corrosion and deterioration of the insulation occurs, since humidity facilitates the deposit and absorption of dust and chemicals. Motors operating in humid environments have more failures in their insulation system than those working in dry environments subject to the same type of dirt, dust, and chemical agents.

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