Maintenance is an expensive and complex cost source and as such needs to be well managed. Its activity within an operating system is of fundamental importance for the production and the final quality of the product.

Electric motors are responsible for much of the energy consumed in the industries where it is most effective, where they account for more than 50% of the electricity consumption of these facilities on average. They are, therefore, equipments on which it is necessary to look like priority, the energy saving.

Every operating system has an estimated lifetime and the probability of this system failing rises with the reduction of its life time. In this way it is essential to have a reliable maintenance program to act simultaneously with the production process, reducing the likelihood of production system downtime.

In electric motors the operations of control of materials and equipment have a direct effect on the mechanical and electrical study of these equipments, acting directly or indirectly on their gains. Actions should be presented which, if adopted by the maintenance technicians, will result in the improvement of the performance of the existing motors in its facilities, providing electrical energy savings.

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