Temperature Controls

In the same way that the motor torque is the result of the important process that occurs between the flow and the intensity of the absorbed current, if the flux decreases, the current intensity increases. With the on-load current increased by the voltage drop, the motor will heat up, increasing the losses. It can be said that the maximum temperature that can be supported by the insulation devices of the motor is generally calculated for efficient operation in an environment having an average temperature of 40 ° C. It is of utmost importance that the person responsible Industrial Waste Water Treatment for the maintenance check and control the ambient temperature in order to ensure that it does not exceed the values ​​for which the engine was designed.

It is important to note that some important precautions with the voltage variations, as well as temperature variations, must be duly adopted. The thermal equilibrium of a motor is modified according to the variation of the supply voltage. A voltage drop can limit the flow of the magnetic circuit, thereby reducing the losses in the iron and the current in the vacuum. However, the motor torque must be exceeded in order to prevent a high increase in slippage.

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