With 26 years of history, The Fifties cafeteria has invested heavily in delivery service.

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“Since the beginning of The Fifties, we already had the delivery operation, but
about 15 years ago, as the delivery culture was basically for pizzas and sfihas, we
restricted this operation to a few units. Over the years, and with the opening of
more stores, customers asked for expansion to other regions of São Paulo, such as
the east, north and ABC zones. Therefore, we decided to expand delivery to all units
in the chain”, explains Juliano Benvenuti, operational manager of the chain’s
delivery. Virtually all menu items are available in the delivery system, with the
exception of those extremely sensitive to travel. And to ensure that the order
arrives warm at the customer’s home, the team is concerned with preparing the
order as close as possible to the moment the delivery person arrives for pick
up. “The timing has to be almost perfect.” In addition, the packages help to
preserve not only the presentation, but also the temperature and juiciness of the
snacks. Specializing in Iberian cuisine, the home delivery menu is the same as that
available in the lounge.

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