Dimensioning Considerations – DC Motor

In order to design an electric motor of direct current, a complete study will be necessary, in a clear way with regard to the environment in which the equipment will be used. If a DC motor has to fit into a space or adjust a weight requirement, then the physical characteristics may be important factors in the selection. The configuration of the shaft and the reducer, if applied, are also considerations that should receive attention.

The configuration of the axis of origin as the motor is assembled and connected to the system that it will trigger and its correct selection is essential, so that it is compatible with the system. The optimum shaft selection increases efficiency and can save time and cost during assembly. Configurations may contain concave, round, square, hexagonal, slotted, stepped, or bolted types. The reduction or reducer is used in the DC motor to increase or reduce the speed of the shaft mechanically. Using the gear unit, the motor will have a smaller volume or weight. The types of gearboxes that are used in DC electric motors may include gearboxes, planetary gearwheels, or worm gearboxes.

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